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What is a SimPad?

Environmentally Friendly

The Patented SimPad offers a unique environmentally-friendly protective packaging solution. The SimPad is manufactured from high strength film that is filled with 100% recycled high-density expanded polystyrene beads.

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Maximum Protection

The foam beads are encapsulated by the vacuum sealed film that allow for the simpad to be shaped and contoured around a product ready to be shipped, ensuring maximum protection from any vibrations and drops while traveling.

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Fully Compostable

SimPak is dedicated to being an environmentally friendly packaging solution and keeping scrap foam out of landfills. SimPads are also available with cornstarch bead filling and fully compostable film.

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Introducing Pocket Packaging

We are very excited to introduce the newest addition to our product line! Similar in concept to other suspension packs on the market but we contain the product VS the tension packs that put pressure on the product to keep it from moving, making Pocket Packaging a better choice to ship items that don’t react well to tension like circuit boards or fragile parts. Pocket Packaging also secures the product it is protecting on all sides, so there is no chance of it slipping out even when the insert is pulled out of the box.

"We were tied to packing wherever the foaming machines were located, but now wherever you put a box of SimPads, you have a packing area! This added mobility has helped prevent pack-line jams and get more products out the door."
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Large Distribution Center
"We like the versatility of the SimPads regarding the freedom we have to change the design of our pumps without incurring charges from our packaging supplier, because SimPads simply form around whatever changes we make.”
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Premium Pump Manufacturer
“We have saved 38% between the packaging material and labor savings and the reduction in our box size and freight savings.”
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Owns 8 porcelain distribution centers across the US

Important product packaging options for you.

  • Reduction in damage
  • Material cost reduction
  • Labor savings
  • Brand your packaging with your logo
  • Reusability
  • Recyclability
  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of Use
  • Anti-Static
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What is Protective Product Packaging?

Protective product packaging, such as Simpad pre-lined boxes, is an important tool companies use to ensure their products travel safely and without damage. Understanding the basics of, and selecting...

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What is Thermal Packaging?

Thermal packaging is a product that acts as an insulator between a product being shipped and the outside air. Thermal packaging basically allows someone to ship a hot product...

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Simpad Packaging Has Environmental Benefits

Simpad packaging, especially its pre-lined kits, have some pretty impressive environmental benefits. Simpads address the “3 R’s” in environmental packaging, which are reduction in waste, reusable, and recyclable. Unlike...

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