Simpak’s product packaging, the Simpad pre-lined boxes, can do some great things for the reverse logistics industry. The products are flexible, easy to use, and can be used to ship anything that is sent with normal product packaging materials, like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, spray-in foam, and kraft paper.

The reverse logistics industry can especially benefit from our product packaging. What normally happens is the reverse logistics will send out an empty carton for a customer to send their product in for repair or replacement. The repaired product is then sent back out to the customer. While that often only takes one box and product packaging material, sometimes it’s necessary to use two boxes in the process.

But you can save a lot of extra time, effort, and product with the pre-lined boxes.

It starts with the flexible design. A Simpad pre-lined box already has the right amount of product packaging material inside it. One common problem shipping companies have is when there is no standard amount of shipping material used. They run out too soon, or have too much left over. The pre-lined box eliminates that.

A pre-lined Simpad box also cuts down on packing time. Rather than tearing off the right amount of kraft paper and bubble wrap, or using the spray-in-foam, just grab a box, place the product inside, fold over the flaps, and then seal the box shut.

And if the reverse logistics company actually sends the product off to a third party for repair, they can reuse the same box for the out-and-back trip to the repair facility. This additional use cuts the shipping costs even further.

Best of all, this cuts down on additional damages to the product. If a packer uses too little product packaging, the newly-repaired product could be damaged in transit, which means another replacement, and additional costs to the reverse logistics company. So the cost of returns will also drop.

For more information on how our product packaging can help the reverse logistics industry save money and reduce damages, contact Simpak via our website.