SimPad is flexible and customizable, making it a great fit for companies who routinely ship automotive parts. Many automotive parts are bulky, yet extremely fragile. SimPad allows a variety of automotive parts, no matter the shape or size, to be shipped using the same system and packaging. This makes SimPad an ideal solution, saving time and money while giving excellent protection against shock and breakage.

SimPad is easy to use and thoroughly streamlines shipping to reduce packing time. SimPad can be customized to fit the shape and size of any product, and the flexible nature provides unsurpassed protection. No matter what size SimPad is needed, the packing process is routine.

Customizing a SimPad for the exact needs of your company’s product line is an easy process. SimPak, the makers of SimPad, will custom-make your packaging at no additional costs. Just send your items in to be analyzed. An automotive parts packing specialist at SimPak will review your shipping needs as well as your shipping process. From there they will create a solution that not only protects the parts you are shipping, but speeds your packing process as well.

Many companies fail to include labor in the cost of shipping. Because SimPads reduce packing time, they have the ability to contain packaging costs and increase profit margins. A customized SimPad is pre-lined in each box. When it comes time to ship, a product can quickly be placed into the box and is ready to be sent. There is no wrapping or cutting of materials, and the packing department does not have to be centered around a foaming machine.

To learn more about how SimPads can save your automotive parts company time and money, please call (502) 208- 7540. A SimPak representative will assist you in answering questions and guide you through the steps needed to get a customized SimPad kit to start shipping with confidence.