Need eco friendly packaging for your shipping? How can you help your shipping department become more environmentally friendly, especially when the shipping products you use typically aren’t?

Some companies may use a foam-in-place product when packing larger products, like sanitary porcelain products or stereo equipment. The two-part foam sits in large containers near the packing tables and gets sprayed into plastic bags. It’s then put into the box, and formed around the product, where it hardens.

But there are other products, like Simpads that can be molded around different products without having to use hazardous substances. Simpads are safe to use and handle, and don’t require any special equipment.

Many companies use Simpads as eco friendly packaging, because they can be used more than once, prevent packaging from reaching the landfills, and even use recycled products to make them.

Foam-in-place is a single use product. It can’t be reused at all. It’s not an eco friendly packaging material, because once it has been used, it gets landfilled.

The Simpad, on the other hand, can be flattened out and used again, many times, which makes it some of the most environmentally friendly packaging available.

Foam-in-place systems have safety issues, insurance issues, down time because of broken machines, and the possibility of injuries. The Simpad doesn’t have to deal with any of that. It’s safe, doesn’t break down, has no lease agreements, and can’t hurt people.

When it comes to finding eco friendly packaging, there are a few options: recycled and recyclable products, and reusable products. But while Kraft paper and shredded packaging paper are eco friendly packaging products, they’re also used only one time. When returnable products, like auto parts and toner cartridges, are returned to the shipper, the paper packaging may or may not be sent back. And if it is, that doesn’t mean it will be used again.

But eco friendly packaging like Simpads are easily reused, which makes them a useful, money-saving product for you.