Simpad protective packaging is more cost effective, environmentally friendly, and does not limit you to shipping only small products. Large printers have been shipped with the Simpad, as well as porcelain toilets as large as 100 pounds.

A variety of porcelain products are shipped on a recurring basis. Flexible enough to ship tanks, sinks, toilets, and pedestals, the Simpad product packaging can be used for a number of different products and shapes, rather than having specialized packaging items for each individual piece. In addition, there is no investment in tooling or mold charges for custom size Simpads. This makes the Simpad versatile and adaptable in industries where the products often change dimensionally.

When shipping objects that are pre-packed, which is usually referred to as a “box-in-box” method, Simpads offer a great answer. The packer can bend, mold, or fold the Simpad where needed to better fit the object. For example, toilets, tanks, & sinks come pre-packaged in corrugated cartons so this Simpad solution combines to create a sturdy frame around an abnormal shape.

The use of a written standard operating procedure allows every pack to follow the same method. This method lays out the steps the packer is to take even when he encounters and extra void.

Great Savings

Simpad protective packaging has provided a significant savings to one company in particular, which previously used a two-part foam chemical that swells around the product being shipped. After the company issued directives to remove raw chemicals like the two-part foam, Simpad product packaging was introduced as a more environmental friendly solution. That was wonderful, but even greater was the 38% material and labor cost savings.

A Better and Safer Process for Workers

When you have employees handling chemicals that can reach 180 degrees, using machines that spew chemicals into a bag, which are heaved into the box puts workers at danger of serious burns. Also, if the bag does not seal appropriately, the foam can leak out and cause a safety issue and/or damage the product its protecting.

Packers Should Be Packers

A broken foam machine means one of two things. A delayed packing process, due to the one to two days it takes a tech to repair the machine. Or packers become expert foam machine techs themselves. Perhaps a packer’s time is best served packing, not repairing machines. Using the Simpad protective packaging will allow them to do just that.

A Solution With Multiple Benefits

By using Simpad product packaging, your packing floor will be free of chemicals, your workers will be safer, and your costs will be lower. This means more money to a company’s bottom line.