The protective packaging from Simpak is a familiar site to many shipping managers and workers. These managers and workers appreciate the flexibility of the Simpad, and how it has helped them reduce shipping costs and shipping time, by reducing the different packaging products they normally use.

Simpak is proud to introduce their latest protective packaging option, the Simpad pre-lined box, i.e. Simpad kits. To get an idea of what this is, imagine a pizza style box that has already been lined with the correct size Simpad.

Here’s how the pre-lined boxes are made:

Creating the Kit

Each pre-lined box is erected in the Kitting Department. The Simpad is placed inside and then formed around the inside walls of the box.. This top flap of the box is tucked to close the box, leaving a void inside, and you have a protective packaging kit ready to hold a product.

How the Kit Works

A complete SimPad protective packaging kit has a clam-shell type design with side wall protection. So we have a pizza style box, with a clam shell style interior. Once you place your product in the kit, the Simpad lining will then conform around the object holding it securely in place during the shipping process.

The SimPad kit use is very simple. Open the box, place your product inside, and close it. The top of the mailer is tucked in and the process is complete.

Uses for the Protective Packaging Kit

Kits can be used for thousands and thousands of different items. Whether your packaging a cell phone or a desktop computer, Simpak has a kit to meet most product needs. Simpak has customers who use them for the following, but not limited to:

  • Circuit boards
  • Remote control parts
  • Capacitors
  • Condensers for appliances
  • Refrigerator compressors
  • Appliance (small) motors
  • Glass turntable trays for microwaves

The Simpad pre-lined kits have been a big hit with shipping managers and workers at many companies.. It saves them time and money, which adds profit dollars to the bottom line.

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