The Simpad packaging product is pretty tough and durable, but it can be punctured on occasion. And while they can be cause for concern, they do not render the Simpad useless. Depending upon where it is punctured, it can still be used for product packaging, even if it’s for a short while. That’s a great benefit, because it can sometimes make up for careless handling, or even shipping products with sharp edges.

The primary cause for concern would be if the package was punctured inside the box during transit. Various drop tests using punctured Simpads have shown that when there is a tight fight, the integrity of the packaging is still good.

What Happens If the Simpad Product Packaging Punctures Inside the Box?

When packing, a rule of thumb is to make sure there is a tight fit, so there is no room for movement in the box. That way, if the product packaging is punctured, it won’t lose its shape. Once the Simpad is formed, it will stay formed as long as it was packed tightly. However, you will not be able to take it out and form again, because the vacuum — and its ability to keep its shape — is lost.

While packing products with “sharps” — sharp points or edges — the product is suspended so these sharps do not make contact with the inside of the box. If this is likely to happen, the Simpak design team will propose making the film thickness on the product packaging with a higher gauge to reduce the likelihood of any punctures.

What If It Punctures Outside the Box?

We have the utmost confidence in our Simpads, and we’re willing to back them up 100%, even with the occasional “leakers.” It’s very unlikely for a Simpad to be broken outside its box, but if it were to happen, the Simpad can still be used as a void fill, just like other product packaging materials.

Our product packaging is strong and durable enough to resist most punctures and tears. It’s even compression resistant. But on the off chance that something goes wrong, our Simpad product packaging can still be useful even afterward, whether it’s making it the final leg of its journey, or even as a void fill.