Simpad packaging, especially its pre-lined kits, have some pretty impressive environmental benefits. Simpads address the “3 R’s” in environmental packaging, which are reduction in waste, reusable, and recyclable. Unlike many forms of packaging, Simpads address all three environmental R’s.

Reduced Waste

The process of using a Simpad pre-lined box, versus your typical packing option, will reduce the need for extra material. No need to use extra void fill to protect a product. Use the kit provided and that’s it. Vuldibuttagsse . This translates to putting less packaging in the waste stream.. Our landfills and our recycling centers will get a break.

Reduced Need of New Materials

Many things are affected when you use less packaging to perform the same job. The front end of the process requires cutting trees, and burning fuel to turn trees into paper, or the energy used to recycle old paper into new paper. That is good news due to cutting down less trees, keepig a safe environment for the inhabitants of the trees, and overall reduction in oil consumption needed to run the paper mills.

More Control

One of the biggest environmental wastes is overuse of packaging on the pack line. Overuse of packaging is not done intentionally, but it happens when you don’t know exactly how much material will be used; therefore leaving the decision to the packer to be the packaging expert. Using additional material sometimes becomes a safeguard, however understanding what is needed is a better safeguard. Simpads can give you a fixed cost and level of consistency when it comes to packaging.

When you understand these concepts you can control a lot of factors, like how much to order in relation to the products you need to pack. Therefore, there is no more extra material being stored, used, or wasted. What you order is what you use. What you use is what gets thrown away or recycled.

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