Flexible eco friendly packaging offers an anti-static environment that is very important when it comes to shipping products such as circuit boards and hard drives. It is important for a company to have documentation to validate their anti-static packaging as well as knowing the industry standards for that style of packaging.

Feeling comfortable that products are shipped safely
In order for a circuit board to be shipped in the safest and surest way possible, any eco friendly packaging must be anti-static. Shippers and customers know that the color pink is the industry standard for anti-static packaging. They have come to rely on the underlying message the pink colored packaging sends — this product was shipped as securely as possible. This means any eco friendly packaging needs to follow those same standards.

A simple safe pack specifically built for circuit boards
There is eco friendly packaging on the market which simplifies the packing process. The product is flexible, so it can wrap around circuit boards and hard drives, and keep them safe and secure in transit. Some flexible eco friendly packaging even comes as a pre-lined box which makes the packing of circuit boards and hard drives take a few seconds, not a couple minutes.

Understanding needs and filling those needs
In the past, circuit boards have been such a challenge for packers, because of the extra care that needs to be taken in wrapping and packing the board. With eco friendly packaging in a pre-lined box, that eliminates all the extra steps of tearing off the packaging, wrapping the board in bubble wrap, wrapping it again in paper, putting it in the box. With the eco friendly packaging, just open the box, put in the circuit board, and close the box again.

Filling the need and more
This type of eco friendly packaging has improved packaging outputs for many companies. One company said they doubled their output from 400 packages per hour to 800. This eco friendly packaging not only increase their units shipped, but it helped them save overtime costs, reduced the temporary help they hired during their peak season, and saved money on their product packaging. Higher output, lower total cost of ownership, and safe, secure shipments of circuit boards all came about as a result of the new eco friendly packaging.

If it works here than it should work there too
The flexible product packaging can be an easy replacement for many different product packaging options. It replaces the myriad of packaging options many shippers have to purchase now. With a flexible packaging product, companies of all types, but especially those who ship circuit boards and hard drives, can find a place to use it and save money and time.