Simpad pre-lined boxes can make your company’s shipping cost-efficient, cost-effective, and can increase your productivity. You’re already familiar with the traditional method of packaging, as well as many of the headaches and costs that are associated. Tape the box. Put some packaging inside the box. Put packaging around the product that’s going into the box. Put the product in the box. Tape it shut.

But Simpad pre-lined boxes can eliminate those headaches and extra costs. Your old-school packing method can be replaced with one that is much more efficient, improves your output, and provides cost and labor savings. Here’s how:


Simpad pre-lined boxes are pre-made boxes that have been lined with our patented Simpad product, which saves you all the time and effort of lining the box yourself. By eliminating some of the extra steps you typically take, the packing process will be much more efficient. This new packing process takes three steps. Open the box, place the item in the box, and tape it shut. No more lining the box and wrapping the product.


What happens when packing become more efficient? You can ship more boxes in less time. With Simpad pre-lined boxes, output can increase as much as two or even three times more. Virtual offices . How will doubling or tripling shipping output impact business? It means reduced labor. You can ship more boxes in less time, or ship the same number of packages with fewer people.

Cost Savings

When you eliminate extra material used with the old methods, there is an immediate savings on material costs.

The material in the pre-lined boxes is exactly the amount of material needed. Not only are material costs reduced, but the corrugated footprint will be reduced, so what was done using ten differently-sized boxes can now be done using five. That’s five fewer box styles and sizes to order.

Less packaging, fewer boxes, and reduced labor. Simpad pre-lined boxes can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line.

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