Packaging should protect, not just from the bumps and bruises of shipping, but also the extreme temperatures that could bring ruin to certain products. Ensuring your package arrives at the right temperature is very important, and the right thermal packaging can accomplish this task with ease.

Quality thermal packaging, like SimPak’s SimPad, is effective for the shipment of both hot and cold products. SimPad is known for protecting against shipping drops and vibrations, but the patented technology also creates a stable temperature environment. SimPad can be fully customized to meet the needs of a company’s specific product line. The ease of use and quality materials cut down on labor costs within shipping departments, while maintaining functionality and customer satisfaction. The packaging is not only flexible in regard to temperature, it can also be customized to conform to the different shapes and sizes of products, offering the highest level of protection..

SimPak’s SimPad has been thoroughly tested, and passes the most extreme obstacles. One large frozen meats shipper took the SimPad through multiple independent tests and was astonished at the results. The SimPad protected products for 48-hours in the heat of Miami, Florida. This included 14-hours of daylight shipping and 10-hours of nighttime shipping. The SimPad outperformed the company’s previous thermal packaging, while also reducing shipping costs.

SimPad has proven results, demonstrating effectiveness in the protective packaging industry. The SimPad system is simple and consistent, allowing companies to see a difference immediately. The SimPad track record is not limited to a few products. Numerous companies across multiple product lines can attest to the benefits of SimPad. Thermal packaging is difficult to manage efficiently, but SimPad handles all the difficulties of thermal packaging, while maintaining consistent protection against breakage and vibration.

For more information on SimPad, or to learn how SimPak can custom-make a SimPad system specifically for your product lines, please contact us.