Simpak’s protective packaging, the Simpad, can often serve as a thermal insulator, as well as great protective packaging for shipping fragile items. When it’s important that the products you ship — usually perishable products that need to be kept below a certain temperature for a crucial 24 to 48 hour shipping period — Simpak’s protective packaging has proved itself time and again.

First, we test our protective packaging. We put our Simpads through voluntary testing to determine their R-Value (the insulating value all home insulation products use). We’re still waiting on the results, but other independent tests, including with our existing customers, are already showing people the value.

Through the testing, we’re learning many new things about the Simpad, and how it functions with various products and under various environments. For example, when we tested it with a large frozen meats shipper, we saw great results.

How Our Protective Packaging Helped Large Frozen Food Shipper

This large frozen meats shipper took our Simpad through eight independent tests in 2011, and was satisfied enough to make it their protective packaging choice through their winter shipping season. That starts at Thanksgiving, and runs all the way through Easter. Those five months are approximately 80% of their business each year.

They made the choice to switch for two reasons: 1) it was less expensive than their previous thermal packaging company, in terms of total cost; and, 2) it outperformed their previous thermal packaging as well.

Our Protective Packaging Reduced Their Return Rates Significantly

Here’s what happened on the last shipping season: This company shipped 180,000 hams successfully in the Simpads thermal barrier.

We’re still working to learn just exactly what our Simpad is capable of. When we think we’ve got it down, we’re constantly surprised with new information. When we were testing our protective packaging with this large frozen food shipper, we learned that the thermal insulating properties of the Simpad lasted at least 48 hours in Miami, Florida, including 14 hours of daylight shipping and 10 hours of night-time shipping.

If you’d like to see what Simpad can do for your thermal shipping needs, just contact us on our website.