Simpads from Simpak can do many things to help companies save money and the environment. But what about promoting worker and workplace safety? Simpak has companies covered there too.

Many companies that ship a lot of odd sizes and large products may use a foam in place machine to create their protective packaging. These machines use a two-part system that combines to create a thermal chemical reaction that produces the packaging foam. The foam is dispensed inside plastic bags, which then form around the product, where it hardens to its final shape.

There are several dangers inherent in the foam in place machine system: 1) the foam in place machine produces the product on site, which means if the machine breaks down, all shipping stops until it’s fixed; 2) the chemical reactions can reach 180 degrees. Not too hot to touch, but too hot to hold onto for very long; 3) if the chemical drums feeding the machine foam liquid break because of puncture from an errant forklift, the chemical can spill all over the shop floor.

Compare that to a Simpad from Simpak. Simpads are flexible, on demand at any time, and does not present a hazardous situation that can injure someone or damage equipment.

When you compare the two systems, it’s easy to see that Simpak products have the advantage. The two-part foam process includes hazardous chemicals in a working area (which can increase the risk of injury, insurance costs, and possible worker’s comp issues); a significant infrastructure investment from buying or leasing the machine; the operational costs for training staff, the power requirements to run the machine; and, even the downtime and repair costs when the machine breaks down (or the problems that come with asking your shipping staff to become repair techs when the machine breaks).

The Simpak products don’t involve any of the above. No need for a capital investment in extra infrastructure investment. No chemicals. No extra electric costs. Just the Simpad, the packer, and the product. Packaging should not require messy chemicals and a machine. Instead, keep it simple and choose Simpads.