Environmentally Friendly Packaging Technology

The environmentally friendly nature of SimPads is one of the most exciting aspects. The SimPads are offered in the EPS foam content that is 70%-100% recycled or the Biodegradable foam content with compostable film.

How to Recycle and Reuse SimPads

End use may ship the SimPad back to Simpak (at the shipper’s cost). Simpak can reuse the EPS foam beads back in the manufacturing process and properly recycle the film. For other reuses, please see below:

UPS Stores

Drop off the SimPads at your local UPS store or FedEx Kinkos location. They always seem to welcome free packaging.


Reuse the SimPads for a move or to transport something fragile.

Thermal Pad

The SimPads have thermal properties; They’re great for keeping things warm or cold.


Reuse the SimPad to pack and ship items for family or friends (Ex. shipping a birthday present).

Kneeling Pad

SimPad can be reused for a kneeling pad while working in your garden or around your house.

Stadium Seat

Reuse the SimPads for a stadium seat at your favorite sporting event, as a back rest or leg prop.


The EPS foam beads inside the Simpad can be used to aerate the soil in the garden (same type of EPS foam that you find in potting soil).

Bean Bag Chair

If you have any old bean bag chairs that need some reviving, you refill them with EPS foam beads.

Choose Simpak and help.

By reusing foam that would otherwise end up in landfills, we are doing our part to keep these substances out of our environment. Please help us keep scrap foam out of landfills by choosing Simpak as your environmentally friendly packaging solution.