Simpad’s protective packaging competitors are constantly on the search to find some way to say our product is inferior to theirs. They are on a quest to discredit our protective packaging system, and what they hang their hat on is minor. Especially when you compare the issues and challenges you get when using their products.

“A Puncture Limits Multiple Uses”

The benefit to using Simpad protective packaging is that it can be used over and over again, for as long as the integrity of the pad is maintained. So our competitors like to point this out. What they don’t tell you, or realize, is that the film we use for the outer “envelope” of the Simpad is so strong and durable, it has a high puncture and tear-resistance. The chances of it breaking during normal use are very low, which means it can be used many times.

The overall cost of Simpad protective packaging is greatly reduced each time the pad is reused. You can’t say that about foam-in-place.

With Foam-In-Place, You Get One of Everything

Okay, we’ll grant you, foam-in place can withstand punctures. In fact, before you seal up the box, poke it with a nail a few times if it makes you feel better. Because once the item has been shipped, that big blob of foam is headed for the landfill.

Protective Packaging like foam-in-place may be able to take a puncture without ruining it. However, foam-in-place is a one-time only product. You can’t take it out and use it for a different product or shape. One size fits one size. One use, and you’re done.

But Simpad protective packaging can be flattened out and used with different shaped products. On the other hand, our competitor’s packing, naturally limits itself to one-size with or without damage.

When a Simpad breaks, you get another one. When a foam-in-place blob arrives safely, well, you still need another one. Simpads may not be perfect, no protective packaging is. But when it comes to overall durability, resuability, flexibility, adaptability, and general usefulness, you can’t beat a Simpad.