Simpak packaging and “ease of use” should be linked in the dictionary. The simple process of packaging any shape product or unit is an important fundamental you can’t overlook — the profits from a single sale could be eaten up by poor packaging. Or, the new person in the shipping department may require some extensive training and ramp-up time, which slows productivity and creates small delays.

But with the Simpad protective packaging, shipping is easy and costs are manageable.

The Old Process

The old process requires several steps. First, wrap the product up with some bubble wrap — a seemingly random amount. Next, place it inside the box, and fill it with a varying amount of packaging peanuts, recycled paper, or little air pillows. Make sure there’s no extra room in the box for the product to move around. Finally, tape the box shut. Clean up the spilled packaging peanuts.

The old process is inefficient for a number of reasons: the amount of time varies from person to person; the amount of material used varies; a lot of loose material can create a mess.

The Simpad Solution

Put a Simpad in the box, put the product in the box, put in another Simpad, and form it around the product. Tape the box shut. Repeat.

It’s actually pretty simple: the Simpad on the bottom cushions the product, replacing a lot of the bubble wrap. The Simpad on the top is formed around the object, which also replaces the bubble wrap. Because it’s so thick, it prevents the product from moving too much and/or hitting the sides of the box where it can tear open or break.

Simpak makes their Simpad easy to use and work with. They designed it to reduce shipping costs and make shipping easier. With their simple product, they have managed to change how shipping is done. No longer do the people in shipping have to work fast and try to be consistent in their estimates, they can just use a single product and save a whole lot of time and money.