SimPad provides flexible packaging for a variety of products and parts, and the appliance industry is no exception. Think of all of the different appliances you have in your home, each with different parts. The packaging and shipping of these parts is a major challenge, and packaging labor costs are one of the highest within the industry. Bookkeeping . The SimPad can solve the dilemma by providing a streamlined system involving custom packaging options with the utmost in breakage prevention and shock absorption.

This customization provides a significant competitive advantage over existing packaging technologies, and the advantages SimPad offers are easily recognized when compared to die cut and foam in place packaging products and systems. Not only is SimPad easier to use, and more versatile in its uses, it also minimizes the total cost of packaging. When using SimPad, you will not have to redesign the packing material or order mold changes for each individual product.

The SimPad conforms to each different product with ease and the “three-step and you’re done” process creates a more efficient packaging system for employees. In short, SimPad adds up to total cost savings by reducing labor cost and increasing output.

When shipping a vast array of parts, like many appliances involve, the SimPad can be the total packaging solution. Your customers will receive their parts quickly and safely each time, and packing lines will be smooth, efficient, and effective.

Let’s take a look at the process:

To pack a fan motor each person in the packing line will do the following: 1) place the SimPad in the box, 2) place the item in the box, 3) fold the Simpad over the part, and close the box. The same steps will be taken to pack an ice maker part. It doesn’t matter the appliance part because the process does not change. At most, the box size may change.

Easy, efficient, effective and extremely satisfying to you and your customers, SimPak’s SimPad is a solution for every packaging need.