Protective packaging is a key component in the cost of shipping products. One particular area in which it provides value is lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is a concept that applies to more value being added as product handling is minimized. Protective packaging is ideal for this “less is more” concept. When it comes to containing costs, many lost dollars stand to be found within the shipping department, where waste in both labor and materials are not uncommon.

Protective packaging makes it possible for a customer to receive a product in the way they expected it, when and where they want it. Efficient packaging adds tremendous value. If a customer does not receive an expected product, or the product is not received in the form expected, customer satisfaction plummets. Quality protective packaging enables a product to be handled as few times as possible. This lines up with the principles of lean manufacturing, as one objective is to eliminate all things which do not add value. A second objective is to increase product quality.

Like lean manufacturing, those same qualities are the main tenets of protective packaging. Companies receive great benefit when they choose a quality manufacturer of protective packaging. The opportunity to add value, in as few steps as possible, is tremendous. Without quality protective packaging, the potential loss is not just product value. . Improperly packaged items that result in breakage can damage a relationship with a client.

Product and packaging make up the components of packaged products. If either suffers, they both fail. If the quality is increased in either, it benefits them both. A company can stand out from the competition by providing packaging which surpasses their competitors. Proper protective packaging materials can also reduce box sizes and decrease labor costs. If packing materials have to be cut or shaped for every shipment, labor costs sky-rocket

Many packaging packaging options do damage to the environment. Once used, protective packaging is discarded to create trash and fill landfills. Environmentally friendly options are available, and packaging that can be extended beyond one use is ideal. Contoured, customized protective packaging occupies less space and requires a smaller box, again reducing the amount of waste in the shipping process. Of course, there are more ways to reduce waste that are not quite as physical. Wasted labor results in lost time and money and many companies find their current shipping routines lacking when it comes to efficiency.

Companies can streamline their packaging processes by applying the principles of lean manufacturing outlined above. These guidelines can help reduce costs and raise profits, while increasing customer satisfaction. Though often forgotten, quality protective packaging can be a key component for companies who want to practice and succeed at lean manufacturing.