Simpad product packaging is extremely versatile when it comes to fitting various product shapes and sizes. At Simpak, we carry a few stock sizes that are regularly used, but we’re also able to produce Simpads for just about any size or shape a customer might need.

In fact, many of our stock sizes were once created from a single customer’s product packaging need. As Simpak grew, and we added new customers, we found they needed the same kind of product packaging, and those sizes became a regular stock item.

That means we’re not limited to our set sizes. Simpad product packaging can be custom-made to fit almost any combination of size in between a 6×10 up to a 24×45. If we don’t have the size already, we’ll create a custom one just for your product, at no additional cost. We can do it without requiring any additional capital investment, any special tooling, or any mode charges for your custom size.

In fact, it’s very easy to create Simpad product packaging of any size, thanks to our just-in-time manufacturing. Rather than creating thousands of different shapes, we create the different product packaging pads as we need them.

What Does It Take to Make Custom Sizes?

The process to make custom sized Simpads is not much different for our regular Simpads. There are a couple of extra steps on the front end, but nothing that is greatly time consuming. The customer also has the option to send in their product for Simpak’s design team to examine. From there, custom size samples are created and sent back to the customer.

Once the proposed custom size is approved, then this new, custom Simpad product packaging is run like all the others.

We also work with a customer and examine their shipping line to make sure the logistics are efficient. We want to make sure their environment will work with Simpad and everything it touches. Once we determine Simpad product packaging is a good fit for your company, we’ll make sure your product has a good fit for packing.