Protective packaging in the form of kits, boxes that already have the packaging pre-lined inside, provide a variety of cost savings. This method results in a lower total cost of ownership for users. When there is a more efficient packing process, which saves time, plus a reduction in packaging materials used, this is a win-win for any company that uses this approach.

How Protective Packaging saves costs in the form of pre-lined boxes, i.e. kits
When looking for cost savings from protective packaging kits, there are various areas to consider. Material cost is not be the only factor that figures into the savings. The following five areas typically make up the total cost of ownership.

1. Material cost
2. Labor cost
3. Corrugated reduction
4. Freight cost
5. Damage/return cost

By using pre-lined protective packaging kits, it is possible to address all of the above items.

Out of Box Experience
For a shipper, nothing beats a customer opening their package and having a great out of box experience. They have their new product, everything is included, and nothing is damaged. No returns, no complaints, no delays in getting everything working.

For the shipping company, that is music to their ears. Sure, customer service and customer satisfaction is important, but what is more important is that no returns means “no loss,” “no damaged products,” and “no cuts into profit.”

That is because the company has been using adequate protective packaging to make sure their product is protected and arrives safely.

Although it looks as if a great deal of money was spent on protective packaging, the bigger secret is that the company invested in future savings by reducing damages and returns.

The Fine Line of Packing Just Right
Either the problem is too much packaging, or not enough. No damages, but increased costs. Or lower costs, and increased damages. How can anyone know what is enough?

That is where pre-lined protective packaging kits makes a difference. When buying protective packaging from the right supplier, it means getting the right amount of protection for the products at the right price to save costs while the job is getting done.

It is also a matter of finding a consistent shipping product. This was the problem all along with the old methods of shipping. Pull off a certain amount, more or less, of bubble wrap. Put it in a box that is more or less the right size. Add some additional padding if it is needed, and leave it out if it is not.

While some companies have studied it exactly, it can be surprising the number of companies that are still doing seat-of-the-pants estimates into how much is enough. This is where a shipping specialist with some pre-lined protective packaging kits can make a big difference. The bottom line is consistency when using protective packaging.

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