Environmentally-friendly packaging, like pre-lined kits, make a lot of environmental sense when you look at it. It makes good environmental sense, which can turn into good business sense. A line of pre-lined kits offer several benefits to customers — cost savings, labor savings, reduced shipping problems. But the ones we’re starting to hear a lot about are the environmental ones.

Be Seen Being Green

Efficient packaging that helps the environment may not be a high priority for most companies. But with the growing focus on the environment, it’s a good time to consider it.

Using flexible pads will make you an early adapter

A patented flexible pad is made of 100% recycled material. While a lot of packaging material is made partly from recycled material, some pads are completely recycled. It may not be a major concern right now, but the need for environmental packaging is growing. By using it now, you can be seen as an early adopter, but can still get all the financial benefits as well.

Re-use saves money

Do you have an exchange or return program? Encourage your customers to ship their products back to you with the same pre-lined boxes and flexible pads. And if it’s in good enough shape, use it again. This saves you from buying additional packaging — can you imagine the savings if 10% of your pre-lined boxes were re-used — but it makes everything easy to use.

Don’t have a Buy-back Program?

You can reduce your costs even more by having a buy-back program for your customers. Include a shipping label and give your customers an opportunity to send the flexible pad or pre-lined box back to you so you can use it more than once.

Pre-lined boxes and other environmentally-friendly packaging can go a long way in not only helping a company’s bottom line, but it also helps them with their own eco-friendly image.

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