Simpad product packaging customers have many reasons they chose this packing solution. We’ve talked with several of our customers to find out why they choose the Simpad packaging product..

Based on customer feedback, we came up with the top five reasons they choose Simpad product packaging.

1. Material Cost Advantage:

When competing with other companies any advantage is desirable. The fact that Simpads offer a hefty cost savings compared to foam-in-place and other foam products is another prime reason our customers like it. It eliminates the need for expensive fabricated foam pieces as well as other packaging systems.

2. Labor Savings:

The bottom line is important to a business, and one way to have a positive contribution is in labor savings. Customers find the fact that Simpad product packaging save both time through an increase in output, and a savings in labor costs through decreased staffing during peak times.

3. Sustainability:

The Simpad product packaging inside contents are composed of 100% recycled foam, which not only helps the environment, but ultimately leads to a lower product price as well. And the fact that the Simpad packaging product is reusable, it contributes to the customer’s bottom line as well.

4. Versatility:

The type or size of the object doesn’t affect how a Simpad is used. It conforms to the objects of various shapes and sizes, which means there’s no need for specialty packaging. After a use it can be flattened, and reused even for products of different shapes than the first use. In addition, there is no investment in tooling or mold charges for custom size Simpads. This makes the Simpad versatile and adaptable in industries where the products often change dimensionally.

5. Great customer service:

Simpak has a customer service and sales team that focuses on solving custom packing problems and proactively addresses customer’s needs. We have a team of packaging and shipping experts who can help customers retool their shipping process to fit the new products.

The efficiency and effectiveness of this packing product provides a laundry list of reasons customers like it.