With product packaging, there are a few things you should check off before finally closing the box. You want to make sure the package arrives safely, AND that the customer is more than satisfied with what they receive.

First Impressions
The out-of-box experience is an important one for customers, and pre-printed product packaging can help that. Opening the box is the first impression a customer has, so you need to start everything off on the right foot.. A company that creates a great first impression appears to have spent a lot of money or taken time and care in the selection of their packaging. And if you put that much effort into the packaging, they’ll assume that you put that much care into all your work.

Four Shipping Must-Do’s
Here are four things to check before you close the box:

1. Choose the right style and strength of box. Too small, and something will break. Too large, and you need a lot of packaging material. As concern for the environment grows, wasting a large box on a small item will raise a person’s ire.
2. No movement in the box. The box needs to be tightly packed and not allow the product to move around during shipping. This is a product packaging issue.
3. No product contact with inside walls. If there is some movement, the product should at least not touch the walls, which could cause more breakage. Make sure the product packaging is heavy enough and thick enough to prevent this. The product packaging should conform to the products being shipped.
4. Make sure the box closes and tapes properly. All seams should be taped using H-style taping to ensure the best strength of the tape.

Using the right product packaging, especially if has a pre-printed company logo, or anything to enhance that out-of-the-box experience, can go a long way into sending the right message to your customers, and start marketing to them for their next purchase.