Simpad product packaging can eliminate the upfront capital investment for tool-and-die costs that come with using specially-made EPS corners. Other packaging companies require these setup charges, which run to several thousand dollars per custom corner.

This tool-and-die investment can be costly. Simple Styrofoam boxes require a tool-and-die investment in the range of $2,000. More complex products may range in cost from $10,000 to $20,000. And that’s just for the tool-and-die costs; manufacturing runs extra.

Tailor-Made Product Packaging at No Additional Cost
When you work with Simpads, you have the ability to get specific with your product packaging size and fit to the product and box you’re packing, but there are no extra costs associated with it. This is done with no requirement of any die or mold charge within the Simpad manufacturing process. We make the same kind of product packaging for everyone — we only have to make a few adjustments to make it bigger or smaller.

Instead of having your initial capital investment go toward tool-and-die, it can go toward your first order of Simpads.

Is a Reoccurring Upfront Cost Really a Good Investment?
Every manufacturer, new products mean new product packaging. And that means more tool-and-die costs. But what if you never had to change your product packaging at all. If the product size changes from year to year, Simpads can accommodate without ever missing a beat. No engineering, no testing, no problems.

Simpads Are Cheaper to Ship
How expensive is it to ship a truckload of foam? You might as well be shipping air. Simpads are shipped in gaylords on pallets, but we can ship more units than the typical EPS corner shipment. Simpads are smaller, but denser, which means you get more per shipping dollar.

Overall, Simpads are a better, more cost effective packaging option for manufacturers. They cost less, they don’t require any tool-and-die, and shipping is often less too.