Reuse Flexible Protective Packaging to Save Shipping Costs

Reusing flexible protective packaging, like a Simpad from Simpak, can help companies save money on their shipping costs when they have the ability to use the packaging more than once. Consider this: an automotive parts company ..

Packaging 101: Packing tips using Simpad

Simpak packaging and "ease of use" should be linked in the dictionary. The simple process of packaging any shape product or unit is an important fundamental you can't overlook — the profits from a single ..

What is Thermal Packaging?

Thermal packaging is a product that acts as an insulator between a product being shipped and the outside air. Thermal packaging basically allows someone to ship a hot product in winter or a cold product ..

Simpad’s Product Packaging Biggest Challenge

Simpad protective packaging is more cost effective, environmentally friendly, and does not limit you to shipping only small products. Large printers have been shipped with the Simpad, as well as porcelain toilets as large as ..

How Simpak Prevents 1.1 Million Cubic Feet of Trash

By their calculations, Simpak will prevent 1.1 million cubic feet of trash from entering the landfills for the year 2012. Simpak is the manufacturer of the Simpad, a flexible packaging material that's available in different ..

How Protective Packaging Can Help Auto Parts Companies Double Packing Speeds

Protective packaging, such as pre-lined boxes, can help auto parts companies improve their shipping efforts and save money. For many that means doubling their packing speed, thanks to using pre-lined boxes instead of ..

Simpad Packaging Has Environmental Benefits

Simpad packaging, especially its pre-lined kits, have some pretty impressive environmental benefits. Simpads address the “3 R’s” in environmental packaging, which are reduction in waste, reusable, and recyclable. Unlike many forms of packaging, ..

Environmental Benefits of Pre-Lined Packaging

Environmentally-friendly packaging, like pre-lined kits, make a lot of environmental sense when you look at it. It makes good environmental sense, which can turn into good business sense. A line of ..

Simpak’s Protective Packaging Available in Pre-Lined Boxes

The protective packaging from Simpak is a familiar site to many shipping managers and workers. These managers and workers appreciate the flexibility of the Simpad, and how it has helped them reduce shipping costs and ..

Savings of Pre-lined Protective Packaging vs. Separate Box and Packaging

Protective packaging in the form of kits, boxes that already have the packaging pre-lined inside, provide a variety of cost savings. This method results in a lower total cost of ownership for users. When ..