What is Thermal Packaging?

Thermal packaging is a product that acts as an insulator between a product being shipped and the outside air. Thermal packaging basically allows someone to ship a hot product in winter or a cold product in the summer. The Simpad has has a natural feature that allows hot or cold materials to be shipped. Similar […]

How Protective Packaging Can Help Auto Parts Companies Double Packing Speeds

Protective packaging, such as pre-lined boxes, can help auto parts companies improve their shipping efforts and save money. For many that means doubling their packing speed, thanks to using pre-lined boxes instead of regular packing materials. Many companies spend a lot of money on packing materials, including bubble wrap, corrugated wrap, and foam packaging peanuts. […]

Simpad Packaging Has Environmental Benefits

Simpad packaging, especially its pre-lined kits, have some pretty impressive environmental benefits. Simpads address the “3 R’s” in environmental packaging, which are reduction in waste, reusable, and recyclable. Unlike many forms of packaging, Simpads address all three environmental R’s. Reduced Waste The process of using a Simpad pre-lined box, versus your typical packing option, will […]