Flexible Product Packaging Avoids High Labor Costs

Packaging can be a significant cost to a company, especially when you consider the total cost of ownership. Yes, packaging itself has a cost, but there can be some additional costs that are indirectly related ..

Simpad Product Packaging Eliminates Tool-and-Die Costs of EPS Corners

Simpad product packaging can eliminate the upfront capital investment for tool-and-die costs that come with using specially-made EPS corners. Other packaging companies require these setup charges, which run to several thousand dollars per custom corner. This ..

Pack Your Simpad Packaging Tightly

Simpad packaging is made to cushion fragile products that are easily susceptible to damage during shipping, in order to reduce breakage. But it only works if the product is packed properly in conjunction with the ..

Thermal Protective Packaging From Simpak Can Last a Long While

Simpak's protective packaging, the Simpad, can often serve as a thermal insulator, as well as great protective packaging for shipping fragile items. When it's important that the products you ship — usually perishable products that ..

How Simpak Product Packaging Helps the Reverse Logistics Industry

Simpak's product packaging, the Simpad pre-lined boxes, can do some great things for the reverse logistics industry. The products are flexible, easy to use, and can be used to ship anything that is sent with ..

Protective Packaging 101: Defining Fragility Levels/Classifications

In the protective packaging industry there are industry standards on defining fragility. At Simpak, we follow those industry standards very closely, and use them to design our Simpads to deal with a variety of products ..