Pack Your Simpad Packaging Tightly

Simpad packaging is made to cushion fragile products that are easily susceptible to damage during shipping, in order to reduce breakage. But it only works if the product is packed properly in conjunction with the ..

Brand Your Protective Packaging With Your Logo

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Product Packaging 101: Defining Cushion Quality/Cushion Curves

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Eco Friendly Packaging: Simpads vs Foam in Place

Need eco friendly packaging for your shipping? How can you help your shipping department become more environmentally friendly, especially when the shipping products you use typically aren't? Some companies may use a foam-in-place product ..

Green Packaging 101: Simpad Pre-Lined Boxes

Green packaging is more than just recycled cardboard and shredded office paper. Sometimes, green packaging means going beyond the traditional areas of waste reduction, and thinking "inside the box." Inside a pre-lined box. Simpad's pre-lined boxes are ..

How Simpak Packaging Protects the Sanitary Porcelain Market

What kind of packaging does a company need in order to serve the sanitary porcelain market — toilets, tanks, sinks, and pedestals? Over the years, this has become a valuable market that faces a lot ..