Thermal Packaging Ensures Your Package Arrives at the Right Temperature

Packaging should protect, not just from the bumps and bruises of shipping, but also the extreme temperatures that could bring ruin to certain products. Ensuring your package arrives at the right temperature is very important, ..

Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Is product packaging a viable marketing tool? In today’s competitive marketplace, is the performance of the product itself the only decision-making criteria customers use? Sometimes your product packaging can play as big a ..

Packaging for Appliance Parts is Difficult – Simpad is the Answer

SimPad provides flexible packaging for a variety of products and parts, and the appliance industry is no exception. Think of all of the different appliances you have in your home, each with different parts. ..

Green Packaging and Waste Management Compliance

Green packaging has become one of the latest buzzwords in the packaging industry. As a renewed interest in green living builds, reducing the negative impact traditional packaging can have on the environment becomes a ..

Protective Packaging Provides Value in Lean Manufacturing

Protective packaging is a key component in the cost of shipping products. One particular area in which it provides value is lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is a concept that applies to more value ..

Simpad Packaging and Circuit Boards: Convenient, Easy, and Static-Free

Simpad flexible packaging is great for packing circuit boards due to its anti-static properties. The Simpad's flexibility makes it a great packaging system for conforming to anything that is oddly shaped or sized, ..