Simpad Product Packaging Eliminates Tool-and-Die Costs of EPS Corners

Simpad product packaging can eliminate the upfront capital investment for tool-and-die costs that come with using specially-made EPS corners. Other packaging companies require these setup charges, which run to several thousand dollars per custom corner. This ..

Flexible Eco Friendly Packaging Protects Circuit Boards and Hard Drives

Flexible eco friendly packaging offers an anti-static environment that is very important when it comes to shipping products such as circuit boards and hard drives. It is important for a company to have ..

How Flexible Product Packaging Works to Reduce Damage

Flexible product packaging does a great job eliminating damage on fragile products if they happen to be dropped while in transit. There is a science behind the development of flexible product packaging that helps it outperform ..

Pack Your Simpad Packaging Tightly

Simpad packaging is made to cushion fragile products that are easily susceptible to damage during shipping, in order to reduce breakage. But it only works if the product is packed properly in conjunction with the ..

Brand Your Protective Packaging With Your Logo

Quality protective packaging is a great way to show your customers you care about them by delivering their product in the best manner possible. It is a great way to set your company ..

Product Packaging 101: Defining Cushion Quality/Cushion Curves

Product packaging has many different specs and measurements to tell whether it is actually effective or not. When it comes to measuring product packaging, an important number is the cushion curves of the internal packaging. ..