What is a SimPad?

The Patented SimPad offers a unique environmentally-friendly product packaging solution. The SimPad is manufactured from high strength film that is filled with 100% recycled high-density expanded polystyrene beads. The foam beads are encapsulated by the vacuum sealed film that allow for the simpad to be shaped and contoured around a product ready to be shipped. This newly formed mold ensures a secure fit and maximum protection from the vibrations and drops during the product packaging and shipping process.

Important product
packaging options for you.

  • Reduction in damage
  • Material cost reduction
  • Labor savings
  • Brand your packaging with your logo
  • Reusability
  • Recyclability
  • Aesthetics


You can have it all
when you use SimPads.

With so many ways to reduce costs and increase product shipments – all with keeping the environment in mind – what’s stopping you from contacting Simpak today?

See what one large distribution center shipping electronic parts said in regards to SimPad product packaging technology and its competition:

We were tied to packing wherever the foaming machines were located, but now wherever you put a box of SimPads, you have a packing area! This added mobility has helped prevent pack-line jams and get more products out the door."

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Simpak International Joins High Impact Portfolio

Simpak International was recently named to the High Impact Portfolio as one of the top fast-growth companies headquartered in the Metro Louisville region. 

“We are very proud to be named a member of the High Impact Portfolio.  We are fortunate to be included among this group of fast-growing Louisville-based companies,” said President Mike Lyons.

Read the whole press release by clicking the image above.


Let us prove our product packaging technology to you.

Please be our guest and send in your product for a free packaging design analysis. With an in-house drop tester, we will be able to give you the best possible SimPad design. We are up for the challenge! Click here for more information on SimPad product packaging solutions.